Voted Best Vocalist

The Pitch Awards 2018

"The Best Kansas City Music of 2015"- KCUR 89.3

"25 recommended recordings from artists in the KC area (2015)"- Kansas City Star

"Her powerful voice seemed to just appear in Kansas City and now she's everywhere. This is her debut record and it let's you catch a glimpse of her massive voice and story telling."         - Chris Hagharian's of 90.9 The Bridge

"...The control she has over her voice is well beyond her years... each song on the full-length does a great job of showcasing her personality and vocals around folky, yet contemporary music. It's awesome to see a Kansas City-based artist with so much developing talent and motivation to turn her music into a career."                                                                 Demencha Magazine - Top 20 Music Releases for 2015

"The record showcases Paige's gift for crafting lovely, indelible melodies and for her expressive, soulful voice, which shifts easily among several styles"- Timothy Finn

"...Sweet Nothings showcases the growth of a versatile talent. Grounded in classic pop-soul and a voice that sounds beyond her years, Paige's music has wide appeal that never compromises her uniqueness." - Listen Local

"Everything she does is likable- her songs, her onstage banter...the crowd is hanging on her every word." - I Heart Local Music!

"She's a must see with her strong stage presence and sultry vocals, with a deep focus           on lyrics." -The Heartland Today


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