I spent most of my childhood  running around our Kansas Farm. I have a memory from around six years old, jumping on my bed, singing into a plastic microphone and proclaiming that I would be a singer. I've always felt fortunate to have known my passion in life. After learning to play chords on the piano as a teenager, I was finally able to put music to the melodies and lyrics I had been writing. It felt like a part of myself had been set free. I began to perform my own music, which was terrifyingly vulnerable, but taught me the beauty of connecting your soul and story to a room of people.

Continuing to develop as an artist, I started traveling. Being on the road allowed self-reflection and exploration. Both through my own, humanity and through stories that were given to me by other souls. I was able to try and communicate through song on a deeper level. After traveling, I moved back to Kansas to take care of my aging Grandmother. The perspective I gained, fundamentally changed the way I think about life and love. I realized how short our existence is, and that to love someone is a privilege. 

Shortly after she passed, I dove headfirst back into pursuing music full-time. I recorded my first album "Sweet Nothings" with an amazing set of talented Nashville-based artists and producers. The album is a reflection of the life-cycle of a relationship; the exciting and insecure beginnings to the lamenting demise of something that was once beautiful. The single released from the album, "Beautiful Life," is a soul-pop reflection of someone trying to reconcile the conflicting emotions of trying to rescue or walk away from a relationship, while still appreciating how beautiful it is to love, regardless of how things turnout. While working on "Sweet Nothings," I was touring acoustically thought the United States, and recently, settled in to Kansas City to start working with a full band and laying the groundwork for my next album.

My own music has been described as a melding of "folk, story-telling lyricism," "soulful" vocals and "indie-pop" instrumentals creating an overall "bluesy-pop" sound. For me it's a chance to explore my favorite sounds and influences.

I combine musical elements from classic rock/blues legends; Janis Joplin, Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt with the tone and style of modern artists like Brandi Carlile, Norah Jones, Sara Bareillis, Ingrid Michaelson, ZZ Ward, Sam Smith and James Morrison. You can see those featured prominently on "Sweet Nothings." My upcoming work combines those same storytelling themes with more exploratory structure and sound.